Friday, December 23, 2005

Cat in a Basket!

I finally have a photo of a cat in my knitted cat bed enjoying it! Huff is our model. He and his 3 other housemates love this thing. This basket was felted using Lion's Landscape Yarn and topped with Fun Fur. It's a great yarn for this project with one caveat. The sides just won't remain stable. They wobble over. While filled with one 16 pound cat, it is not obvious. On the other hand, the cats don't care as they sleep on it whatever way it's laying there (and flip it over sometimes as well). The advantages of this basket is that it is machine washable, but I would put it over a round shape to dry. I actually finished this bed in May, just didn't have a good kitty photo of it. Instructions and gallery are available here:
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I've finished half the blocks for the Depression Quilt. Since the weather is holding up, I will be going to my folks for Christmas, so am not likely to finish it this weekend. I did go on a journey to Brainerd today and bought backing and binding. Alas, I forgot both batting and pearl cotton. Here's a photo of the sewing area my sister set up. Yes, tunes are within easy reach! On the right is a table she bought at a hardware store-really nice wide sewing area and it is stable! There is a clamp light to light the area just behind the sewing machine so there are no shadows. The ironing board is directly on my left. You'll note that I'm using a clear lid from a container across the ironing board and table. I work on this piece and use the block on the ironing board for my leaders and enders. My example block is actually under that lid. Not seen is the large cutting table to the left of the ironing board. For lighting, she is using the greenhouse light she uses in Spring to start cuttings. You have to be somewhat careful-you can get sunburned-but the lighting can't be beat! My sister does not quilt-she makes costumes and doll clothing, so that daylight lamp lighting is pretty crucial for her work.
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