Sunday, December 18, 2005

It Is Cold!

Today, I woke up to below zero weather. I did what any other smart Minnesotan would do. I stayed indoors and watched movies with the cats. The cats, you say? Well, these babies are very warm heater cats. You place them around you and they stay there, keeping your body parts evenly warm. The problems start when you have a sudden need to use the bathroom because dislodging several roughly 16 pound animals, that don't want to move, is not a thing of beauty and grace. So, thank you Ptolemy, Huff and Puff for your warmth and attention today. And thank you Lady SpitAndStomp for just stretching out on the floor.

I did manage to knit more on my sweater, but I was distracted by my movies (which included DVD version of Beauty and the Beast and several Westerns). Tomorrow, back to quilting.

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