Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back On, Sortof

Well, I now have a new hard drive. Plus an old hard drive. Most of the old hard drive is as yet, inaccessible, but I do have internet access anyway.

Mostly, this post is to point out that I've added some additional links in the Quilting Links area about other methods of Quilt-as-you-go. Since I get a lot more done with this method, every time I see something done a little differently, I will include it in my Links area. There simply is not one way to do stuff and there are some ingenious methods that are very helpful.

A recent addition to my quilt-as-you-go therapies are quilt as you go Hexagons, a method that is currently popular in Australia. The backing comes over to the front and is hand stitched down. I bought some templates (shipped from Australia, arrived in about 1 week) and have done one example. My goal is to use leftover batting that won't work in my other quilt-as-you-go projects. I plan to use Halloween fabric on one side, but am struggling what to use on the other that works with typical halloween colors such as purple, blue, and orange. Very likely, I will use some sort of floral to make this multiseasonal, but haven't yet worked out the details. I could use brights - thought of that - but I really don't have many brights in my fabric collection other than yellow and orange. Hmm.. In any case, the goal is not only to use up leftover batting, but also to have a hand project that is take-a-long.

The garage sale comes up at the very beginning of May, so I'm going through books, fabric and gadgets to decide what to get out of my crafting area. Not much sewing going on, as a result. Every day, I try to applique at least one heart so I can get that heart quilt done! My sewing machine goes in this week (finally) for repair and cleaning. My foot pedal is getting worse every time I use it, and I can't machine quilt this way at all, so I need to bite the bullet and git 'er done.

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