Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preparing for the Garage Sale!

The garage sale is now looming, so I'm making the effort to make all the decisions now on the craft stuff. It's tough. Even after going through all my fabric in the storage unit, I only filled one box with non-quiltshop fabric. Ugh.. Going to go through a second time and see if I can't be just a little more ruthless. I already have a lifetime supply of fabric, I need to get it down to a more manageable supply! On the plus side, I finally have figured out what to do with a couple of can't-cut-it fabrics. One fabric with lovely parrots and bird of paradise flowers has hung around since about 1993. Cutting it out tonight so that I can put the leftovers into the garage sale.

Lots of aluminum knitting needles will go. I only use the 14 inch needles in a couple of sizes, so I will keep those and sell off the rest. I use circulars for most things. I have a little yarn, and a few craft & quilting books. It's easy for me to trade off or sell most quilting, knitting and crochet books online, but people want to SEE what's in a craft book, so those are going to the garage sale.

I'm still waiting for my camera software to be reinstalled on the new harddrive. Then I will be able to upload some projects in progress. Until then, you'll just have to imagine.

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