Saturday, April 25, 2009

Total Idiot

I normally don't discuss politics, but I just can't help it. Michelle Bachman. A perfect example of someone who is so completely idiotic and stupid yet a bunch of voters voted her in. Another embarrassment to Minnesota. We shouldn't be worried about carbon dioxide increasing because it's natural? I used to think that this woman was just foolish. Every time she opens her mouth, she reveals more and more how incredibly stupid she is. You folks in Stillwater and St. Cloud who voted for this person absolutely amaze me. Don't you have anybody educated who runs for office there? Or is this the case of the stupid leading the stupid?

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Guinifer said...

She'd like us all to be living in an armed compound to keep the have-nots out. Guys voted for her 'cause they thought she was hot.

Every next sentence out of her mouth is another foolishness.