Friday, May 29, 2009

Mystery is Nearly Done!

For those of you working on the Stashbuster Mystery, I am nearly finished with Steps 8 & 9. I have to go to the library today to print out the final pages. This is actually a very good mystery because I have absolutely NO IDEA what this thing is gonna look like and typically by now, you have a good vision.

I had a goal to get these very first toe up socks done before the end of May and I'm not doing so good. I'll post on June 1 exactly what has been accomplished as I plan to work madly over the weekend to try to finish at least one sock.

What has been getting in my way is the new retaining wall. It is now up, but not completed. Further work also has to be done to the patio. Work that needs to be done, but interferes with my crafting!

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