Monday, August 23, 2010

Swap Works

Haven't posted in a bit, but I have been working on projects! Currently working on a swap and I hope to have a photo soon. Yes, I really need to stop participating in swaps for awhile so that I can finish other stuff, but couldn't help it. I had always wanted to do this other one and then someone came up with an easy peasy Halloween swap, so just the way it goes. So far, I've resisted joining a charm swap, but it's hard. I was collecting charms for SO many years, but really don't need them now that the Pyramids top is done.

I hope to spend some time soon making my sidebar look a little less crowded. I've seen how some people are linking between multiple blogs in order to streamline. Not sure my stuff can do that, but I'll try. Part of why I have so many links is simply to maintain them for me. At least if my bookmarks go astray, my most important ones are on the blog!

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