Friday, August 27, 2010

Working on the Swap

Since I haven't posted much, I thought I would include some photos of my current swap progress, Goose In the Pond. As you can see, Polly came along to help. This is my cutting table. It's one of those resin folding tables sold in some big box hardware stores. Not perfect, but I do ok. That little white container at the end is my 2 inch squares - the current leader/ender project that will ultimately end up as heart blocks.

Polly Helping

Of course, I can't accomplish anything with her help, so I had to resort to bribery. Despite the fact that there are several bed choices, all very costly, her preference is a cardboard box with or without a quilt folded into it. Obviously, she needed the quilt for some prompting. I've made a quilted pad for her - just have to add the binding. Unless she is in the box, I can't take the risk of using the rotary cutter - cats move so darn fast.

Cat bed

Anyway, by the end of tonight, I have finished all the rows for this block and will start assembling the rows into blocks tomorrow. I'm hoping to press, bag and tag to mail on Saturday. I plan to do Round 2 of this swap, and then I should have nearly all the blocks I need to complete a large quilt.

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