Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Swap Central Still

I have continued to work on Triple Irish Chain Flower blocks. Nine have been sent off for the swap, so I'm trying to finish the rest. This block features many of the 2.5 inch strips that I swapped in the March String Swap. The more flowers, the better the final result.
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Block 1: 2.5 inch squares make a 14 inch block. Note placement of white. This can be strip pieced.
As mentioned before, the Triple Irish Chain features only 2 blocks when doing it scrappy. I did one of the 2nd block. The remainder will be strip pieced, but I just wanted to be certain I had my dimensions correct. I have enough white fabric to finish the piecing. Not sure if there's enough for the border that I'm planning. A sensible person would cut the border first, but since I need the white for another project, I'll just hold off. I have to decide if I want to feature some really nice quilting in the center or add some appliques. Still up in the air about that.
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Block 2: Also using 2.5 inch squares. white 10.5 inch center with 6.5 inch strips on side.


mryam4@aol.com said...

I just read all your blog and I loved the work you have done. I would love to have the pattern for the Lady bugs. Can you tell me how I can get them. I would like to mak just the lady bug blocks and then put a border around them and not do the panels. I crochet. Also I loved your floral strp quilt. Sorry the name eludes me. I crocheted a 2 rnd square and it measures just a tiny bit bigger then your square or strips do but I am going to make me an afghan using flower colors and yhen white for the opposite block. That is so pretty. I might even some day make a quilt just like that. Thank you so much for the idea.
I can't wait to read your new entryies as you write them. I am 62 years
Mary Ann

Stephanie said...

MaryAnn. Thanks so much for your kind comments. The ladybugs are knitted, not crocheted. However, let me experiment with the chart a little and see if I can't come up with a crocheted one. I have permission from Family Circle to put their ladybug afghan pattern on my website, but I wanted to finish the afghan first. I plan to provide the complete instructions for the Floral Triple Irish Chain (can be any scrappy combo, in fact) as I haven't seen a step by step for this version of it before. Check back for a link to that.