Saturday, January 06, 2007

Baby Afghan

I'm making progress on the baby afghan. I'm 25% done according to the pattern directions. I may make it a little bigger than pattern directions, but not a lot. This brand of circular needles always curls. It doesn't particularly bother me when knitting, but it's hard to straighten out for a photo! This yarn is VERY light, so it's perfect for a March baby. Had we been going into Winter instead of out of it, this would not have been a good choice for yarn. My intentions for working on my Banff sweater have been laid aside until I get this afghan done.
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Here's a tired kitten. After an hour of pulling dirt out of plant pots, racing up and down this old chair, attacking fellow kittens and general mayhem, she had to take a nap. Usually the all black kitten is looking out the window (he loves to watch vehicles-typical male), but he was off doing something else.
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Also, if you knit and own a cat (or are owned by one), there is a Ring of Knitting Kitties (knitters who own cats). It's a very large ring and I'm keeping a link in my "Other Blogs Read" section. There are 522 blogs there and I've already found several interesting knitting sites/patterns.


snarflemarfle said...

1. What pattern are you using? And 2. What yarn is that? It's beautiful!

Because we all need another yarn work in progress, right?

Stephanie said...

The yarn is Bernat Sweet Stripes. You can see it up close on the previous day's post. This is a very light yarn, so totally appropriate for warm months. It's a traditional dishcloth pattern. Bernat provides the pattern on yarn bands but also has it online at this link: