Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby Quilt Progress

I continue to work on the baby afghan, but I'm not sure I will get it done before Saturday, so decided to devote today and tomorrow to finishing the baby quilt.

I finished the emergency baby quilt top today. I plan to try a fusible batting on this one, so will be fusing it tonight. This might seem a strange baby quilt, but the mom-to-be comes from a family who has had German Shorthair Pointers for longer than she's been alive. She has one also. I didn't have quite enough doggie blocks to go to the last two rows, so just used the rail fence blocks to finish. Sorry for the angle. I was up on a chair to take a photo and didn't realize it was upside down, so it has sortof a weird effect looking at it. The back will be pink. Not sure what I'm going to use for a binding. The pink I bought doesn't exactly work to my Mom's satisfaction, so we'll have to see. I fussy cut all of the doggie blocks, but my placement of the blocks in the quilt wasn't exactly the best, but we'll just go with that. The final quilt will be about 37 x 57 inches. I used 6 inch finished blocks.
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joyce said...

I love the baby quilt. THey don't always need pastels! I'm sure looking at puppies will be more fun.

Angie said...

Being a dog lover too, I gotta tell you, I love this quilt!

Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

The baby quilt is wonderful! Any dog loving family would be thrilled with it. Great job!