Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Internet Housekeeping

I have spent a lot of the past couple of weeks doing a lot of housekeeping on my accounts. I get WAY too much Email and I just can't stand it any more. So, while some of my messages are now going to special folders, a lot of it just goes to the junk mail and I'll check it if I get to it. I have 2 email accounts--one for MSN and one that is my permanent email address at The filtering systems of both of these systems has been wonderful to eliminate most of the spam mail--it's mail that I've asked for that has gotten out of hand!

In addition, I've been adding more functionality to my blog here. Check out those side margins! After upgrading to the newer version, it's much easier for us non-HTLM literate folk to add links. I'm trying to put useful things there, so that even if I'm not a daily poster, you'll enjoy something new whenever you visit. Also on the bottom of this blog, you will see 18 of my most recent quilts. Eventually, I'll add other crafts, but I haven't figured out how to grab from other albums yet. I wish making a web page were this easy. Alas.

On the kitty side, yes, we still have them. All of them. They are very troublesome, but cute as anything. Leaping is one of their favorite pasttimes now. In fact, just the other night they leaped upon the fireplace, knocking over my grandmother's vase (it's about 60 years old). Fortunately, the vase didn't suffer too much damage. I'll paint the chip marks. What was funny was running into the livingroom and seeing 3 kittens next to each other, on the fireplace, looking down as though they had no idea how that vase landed on the ground. We're innocent! We don't know how it got there!

For crafts, I've been hard at work on a couple of quilting projects as well as half way done now with the knitted baby afghan. I'm also getting progress on the Rectangle Granny Afghan.

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