Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Buried in Yarn

Today was the day that I decided to get an inventory of my yarn, determine what projects needed it, and find a single place for it. Ok.. I now recognize that a single place is not possible. Two places might be hard to manage as well. I figured I had enough yarn for 2-3 afghans. Not so. Try 6-7. That doesn't include the yarn purchased for felted slippers, or socks, or a few other minor project. A few skeins I have rethought and will abandon. Did find a lot more yarn for the scrap yarn hexagon afghan, however, so I can procede on that once again.

What is inspiring this is the need to replace a window, hence cleaning up my craft room, plus preparing for the Ravelympics (completing projects during the Olympics sponsored by the Ravelry Board. I've listed my 2 sweaters plus the Halloween kit for completion and added some charity bears. I should also add a simple potholder.

Polly has discovered a new love. The Annies Attic box. I set it on the wastebasket next to my chair and she hopped into it. After much petting, she is now asleep. Yes, in the box. Good training for a young computer cat, IMHO.

More new stuff in the mail today. I received several patterns from Maggie's Crochet. Patterns include kitty pillows, fun fur pillow and a Marigold Afghan pattern. I actually kept a photo of a Marigold Afghan pattern from Family circle from the 70s. I couldn't get the kit then, and looked for a pattern that would satisfy my need for that afghan (which actually had too much openwork). Maggie came through and has exactly what I need and yes, I have a good deal of the yarn needed in my stash!

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