Friday, August 22, 2008

Crochet Games Progress

I've managed to finish the crocheting of the spider and am working on the web. Still to do is the Candy Corn and the pumpkin. Two days to go!
Halloween Kit Progress
Publish Post

No blog posting is complete without a cat photo, so you get yet another cute Polly photo. Here she is with her head squished into the arm of this very beat up chair. All those little paws in the air is just SO funny (Bart also sleeps like this, but not as much as Polly). The afghan is actually something picked up from a garage sale for something that was a little more airy than my other afghans. Yes, I have a couple of afghans purchased from garage sales. Sometimes it's obvious that they are sold by folks who either desire everything to be color coordinated or perhaps do not like handcrafted items (the 2 ripples appeared never to have been used).
Polly Sleeping


Robin said...

That's a fun spider/web design ~ did you make it up?!

Stephanie said...

No, I bought it as a Halloween kit from Annie's Attic where just the pattern is now being clearanced. However, the designer is Maggie Weldon and if Annie's is out, you should be able to get it from