Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ravelry Progress and Stall on Crochet Games

I have spent days figuring out and enjoying Been a long time since I saw a new website that I really enjoy. It not only has a lot of knitting, but crochet as well. Of course, my project for the Crochet Games has suffered a bit for that. Today I will be working on it as I think I have only 4 days to complete before the end of the Games!

September will be a busy month. I need to start archiving all my many downloads (from 4 years!) and taking them off the computer. We expect to be needing a new hard drive soon, so it's best to do it before a crash. Yes, I know, I need to be mashed with a wet noodle for not doing decent backups. I deserve it. However, there is just no excuse with the low cost of jump drives. I now have 2 4-gig jump drives. One will hopefully contain all my patterns and the other all my Kodak photos. Then, I can decide what I'm going to put on disk. Why both? There is always the potential of a jump drive failing, but they are oh-so-more-convenient than a disk.

I've become a fan of two new-to-me shows. One is on BBC America called Primeval. Check it out on Saturday night. The other is Eureka, which is a SciFi channel series going into its 3rd season. I had never actually seen it and bought dvds of the first two seasons. My kind of show.

Polly, who is quickly becoming a Computer Cat, is featured below. Her latest gambit to get me to go to bed is to lay on the computer tower and just stare at me, willing me to go to bed. Yes, why won't she go to bed herself? It's not a cat's way apparently.

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Sheri said...

Polly is adorable :)