Thursday, August 07, 2008

Charity Blog and All Those Last Minute Things

I don't ordinarily discuss other blogs and links that I go to. I just add them to the sidebar. However, I came across a blog today that I do want to point out. Krystal designed a really cute crochet block. In exchange for the pattern, you send her a square. She puts squares together for afghans and then donates them to charity. She has links to examples of completed projects at her blog and WOW, these are fabulous. So, take a look. Getting the pattern requires joining a Yahoo!Groups group, which is fine by me.

Anyway, mowed the lawn this a.m. and getting all my last minute stuff together for Knitting and Crocheting during the Olympics. As yet, I still need to find the orange yarn and the cord for my camera so that I can upload photos during competitions. While I often don't watch much on the Olympics except for Opening Ceremonies and Gymnastics, it's mostly because I never know what time certain events will be on. This year, NBC has different things scheduled on different channels. One thing on broadcast and different stuff on different Satellite channels. Yay!!! I love badminton and volleyball and have never seen the beach volleyball. I could care less about basketball and soccer, yet that is exactly what others want to watch. I imagine Taekwondo will get a lot of coverage this year because there are 3 siblings from the US team competing. All in all, some exciting stuff for we couch potatoes to watch.

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