Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Currently, there is a lot of discussion about bloggers and knitters making resolutions to read more in 2009. I am among them. I mostly read cookbooks and craft books because I CAN read them. I missed novels terribly, but few came in large type. However, since discovering podcasts and torrents in the past couple of months, I have enough reading material for years in either audio or ebooks. The ebooks all come as pdf files and I wish I could change some of them to an easier font to read, but hey, beggers can't be chooses. At least I can enlarge the type!

So, I've joined a challenge group to read 52 books/novels in 2009. For someone who is out of the habit of reading, I think that will work well. I also joined 2 online book clubs, not so much to discuss the book as to get ideas of books to read in different genres. At one time, I joined 2 different book clubs locally. They were very sci-fi/fantasy unfriendly. Most of their book choices were high brow and boring - more like an attempt to impress each other than enjoy a good read.

Currently reading: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho.

No quilting tomorrow! Totally devoted to knitting a sock (oh, and a great meal).

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