Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ladybug Afghan Progress

I am trying Webshots for posting progress photos as my Photobucket is full. I'm not sure I like webshots, but it is popular.

I've completed 12 backgrounds squares for the ladybug afghan and have started doing the body, wings and dots of an example ladybug. Then I'll have to do an example flower that goes in other squares. I should have that to post soon.
Ladybug Afghan Progress

I have finished the background for the Santa Sleigh a couple of days ago. Polly is helping me sort through stuff, so I don't make much progress. Here is Polly helping me with the Santa Sleigh project. She doesn't consider it nearly as interesting as the yarn projects. In any case, I've been sorting through stuff looking for something and haven't made ANY quilty progress today.
Polly Helping

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