Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend and Accomplishments

I spent a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend eating, shopping and quilting. Bought a bunch of flannel for quilt backs at Joanne's ($1.49/yrd) as well as some needed high loft batting. Finished the Log Cabin quilt yesterday (Sunday). The kitties are testing it. I hope to get to the laundromat today so that I can wash, dry and photograph it given that we have a nice clear day. Also have been working hard on finishing swap blocks AND watching my latest Netflix series (Desperate Housewives - I'm on disk 1 season 1). It's interesting, but clearly, not something I would dedicate a night every week to watch. Once the swap blocks are done and I've repaired some clothing, I need to take my machine in to find out if the fix-it guy can fix the machine foot or if I need to buy a new one. I decided not to buy my mini-stereo in case I need to buy the new foot pedal (typically, they are around $90).

After this week, I'll be focusing on knitting, crocheting and cross-stitching.

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