Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crocheting Again

Well, it finally happened. I can crochet again. Not for a long time, but hey better than nothing at all for over a year. I joined the Ravelry 2012 BOM for crochet. I also starting some amigurumi toy manufacturing. Since I just started playing Angry Birds (and totally love it), I'm making an angry bird. There are a few patterns on the internet and for the small amount of yarn, I will probably try them all until I figure out which is the keeper for me. During my year of absense from crocheting, I was only so-so at not buying yarn, so I'm also going to be working on reducing the stash down to 2 containers - one for wool and the other for everything else. I'm more or less going out of afghan making for awhile and going for little projects. Yeah, and maybe I'll get that ladybug afghan done!

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