Thursday, January 26, 2012

NYE Mystery Top Completed!

Here it is! The New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt top designed by Anne Smith. This thing just shimmers in the light with all that quilter's gold. Mom really likes it, so is looking forward to using it next December. That puts a fire under me to get it quilted and I'm still looking for suitable flannel for it. The top is about 70x96 inches, give or take an inch. I plan to use what is left of the green fabric for the binding.

What would I change in this quilt? Well, had I known the pattern (this was a mystery after all), I would have used the gold in the center of those 9 patches and the red where the gold is now. I'm not complaining. It's great the way it is . However, the border was purchased with the assumption that the red would predominate and while it looks nice, it overpowers. I like to analyze quilts to see how I could do better - it also helps in picking fabrics for the next mystery.

So far, I'm the only one who did this mystery using Christmas fabrics, most of which are Hoffmann prints.

MYE Mystery 2012 top


Northern Deb said...

Very pretty.. I like the red in the center of the 9 patch.

The elder sister said...

WOW that came out great! I think I agree about the border, when the quilt is hanging up, but when it is on the bed, I think it will be perfect.

claudia said...

I love your colors just the way they are. But you know, that can be another quilt for you to do! Make one with the red and gold switched!
It's a beautiful quilt!