Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Kitties!

Today our babies are two years old! Unfortunately, I have NO BIRTHDAY PHOTO! I was going to take their photo yesterday, but was told the weather would be clear today. Guess what. So overcast that the satellite TV keeps pitching out. Unfortunately, flash photos look terrible on my black kitties, so I will do a photo when I get back on Monday or Tuesday. I'm leaving in another hour or so for my quilting weekend!

Here's their birth day photo. Proud mama Cleo-Claudine (also called SeeSee).
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Here they are today having a happy 2 year old birthday!

Here's the only photo of all 5 kittens looking at the camera at the same time at 2 months old.
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Front l-r: Sylvester, Bart, Cuddles
Back l-r: Alice, Polly

As you know, we lost Cuddles last year to side effects from treating a parasitic infection.

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