Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twee Top is Ready for Sandwich!

I finished the Twee Top today as well as the football themed flannel backing. Will be laying out to roll up for tying either today or tomorrow (too windy just now). I'm very happy with how it turned out although I still wanted the cornerstones to be brighter than they are. Looks good though and the rich browns in the deer really look great with the purple and the trees.
Twee Top Top Done

Here's a closeup that shows more detail of the block and multiple sashings and border. Yep, that is Vikings fabric. This quilt was made with my BIL in mind and he is a total Vikings and hunting fan. Yes, he likes fishing too, but my attempts to include something related to fishing really looked bad. I'll have to come up with some wall quilt for that. Yes, you could argue that fishing is a summer thing, but this is MN and he has a brand-new-to-him ice house for ice fishing.
Closeup of Twee Top

No quilt is properly done around here unless there is some pet help and Polly provided plenty. Here she is helping me to decide on a fabric for the cornerstones. Fabric? You don't need any fabric!? You just need to pet and cuddle me, she says. Seriously though, I had an afghan for her in the window, a bed on the printer, a bed on the corner of the cutting table and even as a last ditch, a bed on the ironing board (with iron removed). She wanted to either be right behind the sewing machine (so that I couldn't sew) or right there on the fabric I was working with.

Polly Helping
Tonight, I NEED to work on some knitting and cardmaking, so will just be cleaning up the quilting area to work on the Log Cabin. In addition, I need to get things set out for my QATW November challenge which is to quilt my Yuletide Wallhanging.

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Cindy said...

It turned out so great! Love, love, love it!