Sunday, October 26, 2008


Saw my first snowflakes today. Had to go out and rescue the remaining green tomatoes. They are all now hanging out in trays, hopefully to turn red over the next week.

I've spent much of the day working on the Twee Quilt sashing. I have 4 blocks to finish. I made my block sashing a little larger to account for blocks that came out different sizes and will then trim them all the same size. Once that is done, then I can start cutting the Vikings Sashing.

What I am disappointed to discover is that a number of my log cabin blocks came out too small on one side. So, I'll be spending some time over the next couple of days taking 1 to 3 logs off to resew. So, there are disadvantages to group quilting - you don't pay a lot of attention to checking to make certain the blocks are all coming out the right size while you are working and yakking. Easy to fix, just takes time. That's fine (snort). I spent much of the day listening to the audio version of Pride and Prejudice and am nearly done. After that, lots of knitting and old-time radio podcasts for awhile, then on to the next audio book.

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