Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sandwiches and Podcasts

The Twee Top quilt is now prepped. Took it outside, laid out the backing, covered with batting and finally, the top, then rolled them all together. Rather looks like hauling a dead body into the house however. Now to buy some yarn and new needles and set up the long resin table and start tying. Takes 4 days to about a week for a queen sized quilt, depending on how tough it is for me to push the needle through all those layers. Sometimes I can do it for 2 hours, sometimes 4 or 5.

In the meantime, I've only 6 blocks left to make for the Log Cabin quilt and then on to the black sashing. UPDATE: The modified layout is below. I think this plan is referred to as "furrows".
Log Cabin plan

As soon as I get this one done and sandwiched, I'll be able to catch up on some of my crocheting and knitting plans.

I am totally loving my Ipod. When I bought this gadget, the idea was to get audiobooks. I didn't understand about podcasts, although I have heard of them. I have tons of podcasts from knitting and quilting, to classical literature to brand new stuff by new authors and presented by the author! I love the science fiction, fantasy and horror. Currently listening to the Zombie Chronicles serial, the Seanachai series and the Classical Tales podcasts. Also have tons of Old Time Radio broadcasts, naturally, mostly sci fi and horror. Just listened to the first episode of Dark Age which is a story based on some folks who participate in an online fantasy game (like Guild Wars). On the craft side, I am mostly listening to Knitpicks (Knitting) and Annies Stash (Quilting). You can get all of these podcasts directly through the Itunes podcast store (they are free).

Zombie Chronicles, a 1st person narrative, written and read by James Melzer, is your apocalyptic Zombie horror genre. The story is interesting and you just have to ignore some dumb errors (if everybody is in cities behind high walls to keep the zombies out, how are the non-zombies growing food to feed themselves?) and the fact that the main character starts out as a jerk. Melzer has a really great speaking voice (graduated from broadcasting school) and the recordings so far are top notch. Currently Chapters 1-10 have been released (5 podcasts). If you are sensitive to mild cussing, the story is not for you. If you can't get enough of "Dawn Of the Dead", listen to this podcast!

Started in 2005, The Seanachai Podcast is an ongoing series of stories written and read by Patrick McLean. Lots of little stories averaging between 5 and 10 minutes. I especially like the ongoing series of How to Succeed In Evil which I would place in the the comic book, superhero genre. I'm still listening to 2005, but I really like what I hear so far. While some is serious and some observational, most is pretty darn funny. Looks like he took a break for awhile, but there are at least a couple of episodes a month. McLean is a very good speaker, the recordings have excellent sound quality and there are great background noises when appropriate. While Itunes is your best bet to get all the shows, here's a link to the site.

Both Knitpicks and Annie's Stash can be envisioned as an audio version of a blog. Chatty, wandering, but on topic. Both are interesting (within their subjects) and varied and include a lot of tips that have been helpful. I am also very pleased with the high quality of the sound. If you are interested in either knitting or quilting, do download some episodes and listen to them!

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James Melzer said...

Thank you for listening to The Zombie Chronicles. I hope you are enjoying it!