Friday, November 14, 2008

Log Cabin Top

Had a slight lightening of the clouds so went out and took a photo of the completed Log Cabin top. The weatherfolks tell us we aren't likely to see the sun for another week, so unless the ground dries a little more, I can't get this puppy rolled up to tie.

Log Cabin Quilt

Close-up of quilt: All of the fabrics for the blocks came either from a swap or from stash. Some of the greens had an awful lot of blue in them, but adding the sashing and the forest green border helped a lot. The whole point was to be scrappy using only green, brick red, beige/tan and gold and overall, I think this quilt looks very good! At my Mom's request, I am going to use a double batt as my Dad reports that the hi loft isn't warm enough. This quilt is destined for my Aunt and Uncle and my Uncle has been complaining about being cold all the time at night. Want it to be mucho warm for him! Since I am using the thicker batting, I will be making 3 inch binding out of leftover border fabric (nowhere near enough using the black, which was my original preference).

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Nanci said...

wow you do really lovely stuff. I have a log cabin on my wish list to do. Since I am such a new quilter, I like to look at works of "art". Yours qualifies for sure.
Also thanks for commenting on the "do You blog?" questionaire. Now I found you.