Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Quilting Progress

I attached the binding to the front of the Vikings Twee Top Quilt this morning, so now I can stitch it to the back. Unfortunately, I didn't think when I was cutting the binding that thicker batt equals a wider binding. Thus, I have to go through an extra step of trimming batting all around. I remember this happened last time, so I'm sticking a postit in my reference book so that I remember! This was also the first time I've ever tried doing the continuous binding method where you cut a square and slice it along the bias and reassemble it in a wonky tube. The result is SO nice and far more professional looking. The Log Cabin quilt is ready for sandwiching and I plan to make the binding today so that that will also be done. Finally, the Wreath Wallhanging is just about done. I mislaid my book with the quilting motifs that I had planned for the corners, so am looking online for an alternative. As this wallhanging is part of a challenge, I just have to move on. I have a second wallhanging to do yet for my sister and I can't get it done in November if I wait any longer. As soon as I finish the Vikings Twee Top quilt, I can take up my knitting again and get working on my November challenge there (the monitor cozy).

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