Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tying the Twee Top Quilt

The next few days are pretty much devoted to working on the Twee Top quilt, although I need to take a break now and then to rest the tips of my fingers. It was tough to fit the large resin table between the roll-a-way bed and bookshelves, but I really need to have that overhead light. Shown below is my setup to start the next row. I only unfurl a foot or so at a time since I can't reach it sitting down. I keep everything I'm using on top of the quilt including yarn, needles, and tools. Note that keen football flannel on the back of the quilt. Just perfect for this project!

Tying a Quilt

Here's a closeup of the working area. Wool yarn to the right, threaded needles of each color stabbed into the roll on top, hemostat and scissors. I'm using Cascade 220 and I highly recommend this as a wool to use. It is easy to pull through the fabric without the hemostat and felts very nicely. I couldn't get one color and substituted Lambs Pride and that is just too thick. I have to use the hemostat every single time. Other tools include chenille needles and a yarn threader. Oh, and the Ipod. Required equipment when the CD/MP3 player is too far away.

Quilt Tying Tools

I misplaced my yarn threader somewhere between finishing last night and prepping for this morning, so I had to slog my way to 3 different stores to find one. I bought the DMC variety, which is not my first choice. Nothing wrong with it, but I prefer the LoRain type. I also bought the latest in automatic needle threaders from my LQS for when I'm ready to do binding. This is supposed to work for all needles and not just one brand (as is the case with the Clover one). Will post when I've used it.
Yarn Threader - DMC

In between tying, I have to get back to finishing my Monitor Cozy since that is part of a knit-a-long. I'm behind on all the other ones, but I do want to get this one done.

Podcast: I've added Never Not Knitting to my favorite podcasts list. While Alana hasn't been podcasting long, her episodes on knitting are both entertaining and informative. Yes, and I like the music and sound effects too! I have to figure out how she did the pocket on her Dad's sweater-in-progress. Really has a nice finish. I was so inspired by her completed horsie for her daughter, that I bought the book the pattern came in! Now, I just have to order the yarn for it.

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