Monday, November 17, 2008

Tying the Log Cabin

I began tying the log cabin quilt today! First, a trip to a different yarn shop to acquire Cascade 220 in gold, buff and brick red (I already have the green). I also acquired this really neat (and expensive) long, full eyelash yarn that is just perfect for a gnome beard. Also bought a skein of a lovely gray yarn to make some fingerless mitts. Yeah, well, I can't help it. Once I go through the door, it all yells 'buy me!'. This is probably all the needlework I will get to this week other than another shot at working the ladybug afghan as Dad has a dentist appointment tomorrow.

Same setup as the last one - stuffed between a bookshelf and boxes, but great lighting. As you can see, I have a helper. Polly makes certain that I get as little work done as possible, but she is so cute doing it. Here, she is testing the softness of the quilt (that is a flannel backing). I have my yarns, scissors, yarn threader and hemostat to one side. Those ties look huge, but after the quilt has been washed and dried, they shrink up as they felt.

Unknown to me, this yarn was trying to escape, but Polly, The Yarn Cat, caught it quickly and prevented any leavetaking by the errant yarn. Of course, I had to prevent her from taking it to her hiding place (currently under this table) where she hoards stash. She already has in her hoard: 1 skein of Lion Brand Cotton (yellow), a skein of Woolease Chunky, a small ball of yellow Cascade cotton, a skein of red and white sock yarn, and a Snuffleupagus (she dug it out of a box). It makes her happy. I put it all away in the evening and she will go forth and horde again tomorrow.
Quilting Help

Just a tip. If you are quilting around a cat, you need to be very watchful. Polly isn't allowed strings of yarn from my stash at all (just whole skeins). Besides the concerns if there is a needle attached, strings can end up in their intestines and cause terrible damage. Pets can very unexpectedly grab for something without warning, so it's best to pretty much stop working and entertain them until they are bored (usually about 15 minutes does it). Older or calmer pets will usually comfy up and go to sleep if you give them a spot.

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Nanci said...

Hi, nice blog too. I have a dog that likes to sit on my lap while I knit and grabs the needles from me so it makes it difficult to do that in the evening is discomforting.
I think that picking out the back of the quilt is as important as the front. You did well in your choice.