Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Paddlewheel Turn

The Paddlewheel Quilt was part of a challenge at QATW for November, so here's a photo of the progress thus far. It was SO COLD and windy outside, it is likely my last outdoor photo for awhile. It's Dec. 2 here in MN and NO SNOW. Pathetic, but I'm not complaining. I still have no winter boots.

All the blocks are quilted, but not all sections are connected yet. The borders are sewn and pinned. The cornerstones are added last. I haven't decided what color I want for them yet. I'm thinking either the same brown used in the border or a red. The problem with country colors is that they tend to be too dull. Earlier Thimbleberries fabric (Prior to starting a collection in 2003) were much brighter than the current pallette. I will be adding a narrow sashing to connect the borders and cornerstones to the main quilt. I don't really mind the handwork since I need TV projects anyway. Better yet, I get a new-to-me recliner today! Hopefully that will do wonders for my knees, which have given me trouble ever since the mechanism on my current recliner failed.

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