Sunday, December 10, 2006

Stash Diet

Rearranging fabric is such a pain. I needed to move fabric back to my storage unit in anticipation of painting in January. I had 2 of those 24 gallon Roughnecks filled. Ugh..that was heavy. More importantly, one of those holds enough fabric for at least 3 queen sized quilts (including the backing and binding)! I did, however, manage to find plenty of fabric for the QATW 2007 BOM. I'll have to supplement later with more background, but for now, I think I have adequate choices for 6 months.

I am attempting to go on a fabric and yarn diet for 2007. Except for crochet swaps, I want to just use stash except for fill-in. I just have too much stuff! One year of stash reduction should really help. Then everything will fit in my closet or under the cutting table once more. Hard though. I am also going on a quilt book diet as well to justify purchase of EQ6. I have more than 50 quilting related books (and that was after selling/trading more than 20). That doesn't even include the magazines. Since EQ6 is partially paid for with Christmas money, I've been waiting to install it, but I keep looking at my box. Sigh...the waiting..

Ok.. what have I purchased recently? A crochet book entitled 200 Crochet Blocks! I want to join several crochet swaps, but also want to expand my skills. This book gives me lots of choices. I hear that there is even a pseudo-crochet-a-long for this as well, but I haven't finished my other two yet! Unlike my quilts, I don't mind giving away crocheted afghans once I have finished them. I've done that for years. I really enjoy the process of creating the blankets and getting warm fuzzies from those who appreciate an afghan. More importantly, an afghan isn't any where near as costly to produce as a quilt!
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Nancy said...

I too have way too much stash and need to go on a major fabric diet. I don't know if I can go a whole year without an impulse purchase but I am going to make an effort to only buy what I need to finish stuff I've already started or borders, backing etc for stash projects. We'll see how far I make it. Probably Jan 2nd. LOL!