Thursday, December 28, 2006


Yes, you need more kitten photos. Here's a couple just awoken from a nap in the closet. Nowadays, kittens only sleep together at night in their crate. They are teething, thus the chewed box.Image Hosting by
Kids aren't the only ones who play in the boxes instead of the toys.
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Here is early quilt testing. They prefer to run under it rather than lay on it. They love the back of my sister's quilt with the flannel. They run under that too.
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Norma said...

That little calico is going to be hard to hang on to--after all she is now trained to be a quilt tester--every quilter will want her!

Angie said...

Oh Stephanie, those kitty pictures are priceless! Especially the one of the Coke boxes...ROFL

claudia said...

The kitties are getting so big. They look very happy and healthy! You all have been great kitty mommies!

Patti said...

I've really enjoyed perusing your blog. I didn't have time to read every post, but I read the last couple months worth and checked out every photo. You are truly amazing in that you finish so many projects in so many different mediums! I've done lots of fiber crafts in the past, but once I started quilting I dropped all the others. I have needlepoint and cross stitch UFO's that are probably at least 30 years old. I really admire you for keeping active with all of them.

Helen in the UK said...

Nice quilt and I see your beautiful kittens are enjoying it too :)