Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

First, Happy New Year!!! Remember not to drink and sew or you might run over your finger.

Yes, I had some stuff I got done just under the wire. The first is my Christmas Wreath quilts. I made two of them (one is a gift). They have a 3 dimensional bow (center of bow) and I plan to quilt it using metallic thread. I would like to use Svorkian (sp?) crystals on this one, but don't have space to store more stuff, alas. Maybe I just have to bite the bullet and get rid of all the rubber stamps?! Then I would have room!Image Hosting by
I also managed to decide on a block for using up the 2 7/8 inch squares and triangles (the box is totally full), although I won't be working it immediately. This pattern is Ocean Waves. I decided I just didn't want white, but I wanted something light, so pink it is. It will mostly be done as a leader/ender project once the Heart's quilt is complete.
Image Hosting by
I also have to make a quick decision on a baby item...quilt or afghan? The baby shower is Jan. 20. I figured I had more than a month!? I know she's having a girl, but is she going to be a traditional pink baby or a more modern any color baby? I don't know.

Finally, I'm doing a bunch of cleanup at my Picturetrail account which contains many of my finished projects. Occasionally this week, you will find photos missing in my blog as the link has been broken. You'll be able to see those photos if you go to

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