Wednesday, December 13, 2006

They Are Just Too Cute

If you thought you were coming here today for more craft photos, you were wrong. I got another group photo! They can all sleep together on the computer chair now. I want you to feel impressed. Although the lighting wasn't all that great, please note that all eyes are looking at me!! Try that with 5 of anything that includes a guy!
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Here's the monochromes. Two boys and the little girl on the right. Note that her eyes are starting to become less round and more slanted like an adult. The All-black and the little girl are the terrors of the group. The boy on the left is the largest kitten and he's very gentle.
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Here's the Calicoes. They are both girls. The one on the left is very similar in coloration to the kitty I had as a teenager named Keye-Keye. They are both sweet.
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Guinifer said...

I just want to bury my face in their soft sides - however - I imagine I would receive a scratch or two in return for my efforts.

Norma said...

I keep coming back to have a look at these pictures--they are so cute! If lived closer, I would be over in person! I especially love those two little calicos!

The Resident Yarnaholic said...

They are just tooo cute!