Friday, December 01, 2006

Bigger Kittens

Yes, it's been at week since I posted kitten photos, so it's time again. First off, I finished the quilting of the blocks on the Paddlewheels quilt. The borders are pin-basted ready to quilt, but have to stew a day or two to decide how I want to quilt them. How I quilt them will change how they are attached (either just like the blocks or with a narrow sashing). So, I'm cleaning my work area in the meantime. It's amazing how much stuff accumulates!

Now, on to the kitties. I have found it impossible to take a digital photo of the kitties awake. They are just a blur in my camera. So, I get them during their nap. In the daytime, they prefer to sleep in their kittycat condo. Only 4 will now fit, so I had to search for sleepyhead (who was asleep on the crumbled paper under the computer. They are still confined to my sister's room except for twice daily romps in the hallway and bathroom areas-the house just isn't set up for babies of any species.
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Guinifer said...

The babies are hysterical!

claudia said...

The quilt is scrumptious! Beautiful work! I still wish I could have 1 or 5 of those kitties.
You all are taking such excellent care of them. They all look so healthy. They have grown so much!