Sunday, December 17, 2006

Progress on Projects

Projects are going slow, but I'm happy to report that the Paddlewheel quilt has advanced considerably. Two of the borders are now attached and I'm doing the handsewing on the back now. I hope to get the other two borders attached by tomorrow. I decided not to use the sashing method of attachment since I found most of the time, I left that 1/2 inch unquilted making it fairly easy to attach like the rest of the blocks. I marked the cornerstones with chalk for 1/2 edges and cross-hatched them. They look good.

I want to mention that if you were interested in the Reversible Quilt method, Sharon Pederson was on a Simply Quilts show and provided step-by-step directions. Take note of the sashing attachment near the bottom of the page as that can be easily used for quilt-as-you-go String Quilts. That would save loads of time!,1805,HGTV_3876_1727368,00.html. I will list this link also with my completed Reversible Quilt, making it easier to find it!

The Giant Granny rectangle is going along slowly. As mentioned, every round takes longer. I'm up to round 29 now. I'm not getting much done because of all the handwork on the Paddlewheel, but once that is done, Granny gets attention again.


The Resident Yarnaholic said...

Hi! Thanx for your tips on the smoking! Ohhh, what a time to decide to quit, lol! I have "quit" before aswell, I'm just hoping that this time it will stick, hahahha!

The Resident Yarnaholic said...

Ohhhhh, lol! I also have had plans to eventually make a quilt!
I can't wait to see your finished beauty!