Saturday, July 30, 2005

Colorful Granny Scrap Afghan Begun

Finally finished watching 24, season 3 last night. Exciting! While watching, I started on yet another scrap project. This one will use up small quantities of yarn. Here's some of those I did yesterday evening.
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I need over 800 of the motif centers, so it will take awhile. The trick to doing this one well seems to be crocheting the piece and leaving a 2-3 inch end after finishing off. Then use a yarn needle to weave the yarn into it. The motifs are only 1.5 inches square. I do about 10, then pick up yarn needle to finish. If you want a scrap afghan pattern that uses up lots of scraps, take a pass on this one. Half the yarn needed is the background (and I surely don't keep quantities of background yarn around!). However, it is ideal for using up your collection of small scraps (yes, let's not say too much about why I would want to). Here's the afghan as pictured in my instruction booklet.
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This pattern was originally featured in a Leisure Arts Leaflet called Scrap Yarn Afghans Book Two. On Ebay, with shipping it costs between $6-9. However, I discovered that the pattern has been reissued in a crochet digest sized booklet called Granny's Delight Afghans. Even better for many of you is that it is sold at Walmart! I personally think that the selection of afghans in this booklet are nicer than what were in the original booklet, but that's just my preference. I just bought this in early July, so whine at your local Walmart if it's not in stock and you like this pattern. It is less than $3. It may be carried at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, but Joann's usually doesn't carry these little booklets. Now, I was drawn to this afghan in the first place, but didn't really like the off-white background. Then, I came across SusanB's (Kansas City) website and I was hooked (pun intended). . She has many examples that she has made for charity using different backgrounds. If you like this pattern at all, be sure to look at her web site.

Now, you might laugh...another project?! Unfortunately, I don't have any other projects I can work on while watching TV (new glasses with bifocals being one of the problems). I have to keep referring to directions and that makes it hard to watch the show. These are easy.

On the Quilting front, I bought a bunch of Christmas fabrics today to make the blocks for an online Christmas block swap. OK.. I went overboard. Be nice. I need to make additional blocks to finish off the quilt. The nice thing about some of these fabrics is that the quilter's gold or glitter really makes them fabulous (along with their rich colors!). Not pictured is the white on white snowflakes or the nearly solid emerald green, which will be included. The back is likely going to be a patchwork of leftover scenic Christmas fabric. I only have plans for one more Christmas quilt and have way too much fabric, so using it for the back is an ideal choice to use up stash. Since the quilt will go to my parents, I'll get to visit it too. I've included a photo of the block design I plan to use for the block swap. It's done in last year's Thimbleberries Christmas Fabrics.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis block is known as "Single Wedding Ring".

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