Monday, July 18, 2005

Crocheting Frenzy + Texas Travel Plans

If you read my blog for knitting or cross-stitching, I'm sure you've been disappointed recently. I'm trying to finish other projects, so these have been sortof on the wayside for now. I tend to avoid cross-stitching in summer as there are more problems with oils from my skin on the fabric (it is less washable than say yarn or quilting fabric).

In any case, I have only 8 more rows of crocheting left on the One-Line. Then on to the fringing. My goal this week is to finish that and the Kitty Kat quilt (which still has it's strings and needs block quilted). In addition, I hear rumors that I will once again be able to upload digital camera photos as the camera and computer made up and are speaking to each other again!

It is almost hotter than spit around here (and actually is hotter than spit in much of Texas according to the weather guy). I am planning to go to Texas for the Houston Quilt Festival ( Brochure link: which occurs at the end of October.

Originally, I was flying into San Antonio, renting a car and visiting the area (and festivals, if any) and then driving to Houston. Then I found out about the Cowboy Gathering around the 21st in Fort Worth ( I'm particularly interested in the Ranch Rodeo (cowfolk from various ranches compete against each other), but food that is not from Minnesota is also a good draw. So, now I'm torn between Dallas/Fort Worth area vs. San Antonio. I can't do both this trip. Well, I could if I was taking my own car, but I'm stuck renting a car. At least my airline ticket is free but for the taxes.

The Cowboy Gathering also includes poetry. Now, I'm not partial to poetry that doesn't rhyme (fan of Dr. Suess?), but this one by Wallace McRae is worth reading- Be sure to click on the link to the parody-it's just as funny. It was read (probably by author) on Prairie Home Companion radio show back in the early 90s and I still could remember it nearly word for word. Never expected to find it on the Internet!

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