Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day!!

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! In honor of it, Mother Nature has provided actual sunshine. Will it last the day? Only she knows. I'm beginning to suspect that this is, in fact, Western Oregon, and not Minnesota any longer.

I spent much of yesterday crocheting on the one-line scrap afghan while watching the last DVD of Season 2 of 24. Very exciting. Almost too exciting! Jack sure gets beat up. Here's a closeup of the one-line scrap afghan. I plan to post the instructions when I am done. It uses up lots of scraps, but there is a tendency to buy more yarn (from garage sales) to add more variety. So, as a use-it-up project, it's a little questionable. However, all told, the project probably cost $20 total. I'll probably have enough to make some little cat mats for my cousin's kitties.

In addition, I worked on blocks for my block exchange. We are doing a Barbie quilt - pink, white and black are the only colors used. The hostess has even provided a silhouette of Barbie to applique on a block. For this round, I am doing the Maple Leaf block. As the whole block will not fit on my scanner the first photo is what the complete block looks like. Second is the scanned image of my actual block!
Image hosted by

Today's goals include finishing the blocks, more 24 (season 3) so more One-Line Afghan and planning out the cowboy/rodeo quilt. The longer I take to finalize the plans, the more fabric I buy so I need to figure it out before I have enough 1 yard pieces to do both the front and the back (yes, this has happened to me before).

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