Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sweaters for Electronics

Yes, indeed, we now can make sweaters for cell phones, iPods and even remote controls! I finished my remote control cozy this afternoon while yacking with relatives. It's intended to hang across the arm of a recliner, keeping 2 remotes within reach. The goal is more to keep them from getting lost! I think the DirectTV remote would have been happier one stitch wider, but I'm satified with it and plan a weekend test drive. My Dad and Uncle have already made requests for one. My Dad has vinyl arm rests (My Mom and I recently replaced them from the worn out fabric ones), so I'll have to add some of that rubberized shelf liner. My Uncle only has one remote, so we'll have to come up with a counterbalance. The pattern design is by Anita Jackson.

The colors are totally off and I don't know how to fix images. The variagated yarn is Red Heart Classic in Spice and Fiesta. Those colors should be blue, dark green, beige and white with medium blue trim. The pattern is located here:

New happenings today. First of all, today is my parent's 50th wedding anniversary!! This is only the 2nd 50th wedding anniversary in my extended family, ever, so it's pretty exciting. No, I have not finished their anniversary quilt, but the top should be done this week. They then get a choice between lofty and tied, or quilted and flat. Secondly, my Aunt and Uncle announced the birth of their 2nd grandchild. She was born a week ago and is named Samantha Jeanne. Mom Kayla and Dad Steve are doing well. I guess I'll have to get a move on that Moez Bear afghan I was making--I didn't even know the baby was coming! Samantha's cousin Sean (now 5) is a major Thomas the Train engine fan. I'll have to make him one of those afghans as well (he loves my afghans).

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